Improve your Preflop Game with TrickyTracker

Learn More About Hand Ranges And Close to Optimal Play in Texas No Limit Hold'Em with the Help of this Interactive Tool called TrickyTracker.

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The Product

TrickyTracker is a Tool in Which You Can Learn How To Play Any Pokerhand Preflop from Simulations Done Based on nGTO or ε-nash Equilibrium Strategies. The Simulations Are Stored Inside the Software And No Advanced Setup is Required.

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Feature 01

Stack and Table size

Improve Your Game and See How to Play Based On Other Peoples Decisions And the Table Average Stack Size Either 6-way or 8-way.

Feature 02

Colorization of Actions

White = Fold

Brown = Call

Yellow = Raise

Red = All In

Feature 03


Have You Done Simulations in A Tool Like MonkerSolver And Wish To Add Them To This Product?


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